About Us

Roof, Meow and Hello! We’re Caduceus Corp, an all-natural corporation relating to pet food brands celebrating healthy-living habits for happy pets and happy owners made with the love of Mother Earth.

What We do

Our sustainable approach to producing high-quality premium ingredients and nutritious recipes is formulated for your pet’s overall well-being. Every nibble mimics the raw diets pets would want to eat in the wild and is guaranteed with essential vitamins they actually need for maximum vitality. 

We take a non-chemical approach to our food processes. There are no hormones, preservatives or anything artificial in our products; it’s all about real food in our food! Our foods are sourced with natural freeze-drying techniques which are the most nutritional preserving methods from beginning to end by farmers, ranchers and fishermen we know and trust in with USA, Canada and New Zealand.

Everything we make is sourced from the heart with the environment in mind. Our affordable collection of all-natural non-toxic fur baby daily essentials feature recyclable packaging materials that are blended to use less paper and color to fill more well-rounded food for your beloved pets. 

What we Believe

As a community of pet lovers, we all can relate to the challenges and joys as all fellow pet families out there. Just ask our adopted fur baby Merlin McLovin who energizes, inspires and fuels us daily to create more natural pet food that’s designing the products exactly how pets like it which is addressing their concerns, and putting pet health and sustainable living as the first priority. 

The planet is our kitchen, and we believe in a shared community that promotes transparency, style and kindness through the gentle acts of loving our pets. McLovin’s is made for pets by pet parents for some good clean living (and of course the licks).

-David Ji, Founder of McLovin’s Pet


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